What is a Search-doc and why do I need one?

  • Search-doc.com is a single network allowing an instant distribution and processing of users’ applications on a 24/7 basis for the provision of health services with personal appointments and /or getting online consultations/delivery drugs to patients, managed by charity donations process for clients who do not have enough funds for treatment process;
  • Search-doc.com consists of separate module for accumulation of funds for patients who do not have required sum of money for medical assistance. There is a possibility of offering a clinic / doctor a free treatment through trial / investigation program;
  • Search-doc.com combines network members into groups to enhance communication for a subsequent solution of similar problems and discussion of treatment processes and methods;
  • Search-doc.com is giving an opportunity to patients to obtain second medical opinion which is very important especially before/during complicated medical process; Second medical opinions can help avoid potentially major problems, including misdiagnosis.

Why should I choose Search-doc platform?

  • Search-doc.com provides an unmatched level of client support. Using this platform patient & drugs store & pharm companies can interact with each other - we are always there to help you when you need us, with assistance in treatment process, best from actual people – and we also provide a great deal of information on our website. Furthermore, our portal has been designed by doctors to specifically meet the needs of patients like you, making it extremely user friendly;
  • Search-doc.com serves a multitude of medical specialties, and our international team of experts reflects this. Our project combines leading specialists to review and consult on cases that fall within their medical specialty. Prior to being joined into Search-doc.com physician network, viable candidates must go through a detailed screening process, which involves a full review of all credentials by our administration;

Why is necessary to get a Second Medical Opinion?

  • For unclear or serious diagnoses;
  • In cases where the course of treatment is unclear
  • For a medical condition that has not improved following a physician-prescribed treatment;
  • To clarify or review the necessity of a major surgical intervention;
  • For an independent opinion regarding how a treatment is working;
  • In cases where a patient is dissatisfied with patient-doctor communication;
  • For peokdple who have relocated abroad (expatriates)&more;

What benefits did I get using your website?

  • DOCTORS & CLINICS: Doctors & Clinics will contact you, appoint meeting, making an offer for the treatment process;
  • BLOOD/OTHER MEDICAL TESTS: Get your tests done at discounted prices and at the comfort of your home. Just book the blood test through the app. Just post the request.
  • TREATMANTS & SCANS: Just post your details & clinics will call you back with an appointment. Just post the request.
  • HOSPITALS: Get access to some of the leading hospitals at a click away. Just post the request.